How does a war affect the economy?

Throughout history, various civilizations and nations have pitted themselves against each other and engaged in war. The human cost of war can be truly devastating and can result in a huge loss of life – in World War I, for example, an estimated 16 million people were killed, and in World War II, anywhere between […]

How does Economics affect our daily lives?

When we hear the term economics, many of us automatically think of something that university students study before heading off into the fantastic world of business. Did you know that economics actually play a huge role in our daily lives and actually affect many of the things we do on a day to day basis? […]

How to Start a Business in the UK?

Starting a business from scratch can be a very daunting task for most as you imagine there are too many aspects to even think about. In the UK, however, the process for setting up a business is fairly cheap, quick and easy. In most cases, if everything runs smoothly it is possible to set up […]