The Economics of Pornography That Will Shock you

No one would have ever expected that porno would be in the place it is today. As it stands now, almost every third person on the internet, is looking at some form of porno. There are adult sites which get more than 82 million different visitors in a single day. In a way, pornography has become a part of mainstream entertainment. What society once looked at impermissible, is now in some way acceptable. That is not to say everyone feels this way of course. But, that more people are looking at porno today than ever before. Not only that, most don’t feel the same way about it as many did in the past.

To prove just how mainstream porno has gotten, one only has to look at Time Square in NYC. There are billboards there being put up by porn sites. In addition, numerous porn videos have gone viral and can be found on social media. Sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, BuzzFeed and Facebook are perfect examples. In fact, Twitter leads the way with more than 10 million plus accounts which are porn related. To see just how widespread pornography viewing has gotten, stats need to be checked out. They paint a better picture of how much smut people are looking at. Not only that, but all about adult content statistics in general. Some of the stats may shock or surprise you.

One of the arguments people who are against porn always make, is where it leads to. They argue that looking at porno, is a form of cheating. Those who are married or in serious relationships lead the way. Yet considering the findings of a study, it appears that they are especially vulnerable. One statistic seems to back that argument up. Individuals were asked whether or not they were unfaithful to their partners. Those who admitted to being unfaithful, also said they looked at porn. When The partners who cheated on their wives were surveyed, 300 percent of them were more inclined to look at porn. That is when compared to those who never cheated on their partners.

When it comes to making money, the adult industry leaves many in the dust. Porno makes more money than all major professional sports team in the US. That includes the NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL combined. The adult sector made more than $97 billion last year. The United States led the rest of the world making up about $12 billion of it. Top porn sites get more regular visitors in a month, than Twitter, Netflix and Amazon combined. PornHub, which is one of the most visited, gets about 81 million plus visitors each day. That added up to about 28.5 billion visits last year.

When it comes to searches online, pornography is the word. Overall, there were more than 25 billion adult related searches done last year. That amounts to more than 50,000 porn searches per minute. Or about 800 plus searches each second. In all, people spent more than 4,599,000,000 hours looking at porno for the year of 2016. That is only on one site though, PornHub. When you multiply that by ten at least, you can imagine the difference. Keep in mind that out of the world’s top 60 sites, more than 30 of them are adult related.

Porn videos are also being uploaded, downloaded and shared at record numbers. For instance, more than 35 percent of all downloads on the web, are related to porn. In addition, 30 percent of the data transferred on the web is related to adult content. On PornHub alone, almost 5 million videos were uploaded to the site by users. This may help explain why free porn videos are found online so easily and why there is so much of it.  As far as professional porno videos are concerned, one role lead the way for female pornstars. Most of them played the role of teenagers in the adult movies. This despite the fact that most of the adult film stars, were in their 20s.

Interestingly enough, young girls are more likely to look at pornographic videos than older women. Girls between the ages of 14 to 19 years old, consumed the most. But, they were also more likely to experience sexual assault or be sexually harassed. Overall, teenagers between the ages of 13 to 24 years old, look at porn each week. Or they look at it 64% more than others who are older.

These statistics paint a picture of how far looking at porn has gone. Not only that, the way it impacts individuals in general. It’s important to remember that these numbers are likely to continue rising. And that they are higher than those reported now. That’s because most of these statistics are from 2016 and 2017. No one knows what the future holds for porn and viewership. But, if these stats are any indication, it appears they will keep growing significantly.